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Taking unseen service based entrepreneurs... Transforming them into unleashed powerhouses changing lives with their in-demand brands!

Isn't it time you say 'heck no' to being unseen, overworked, under charging and limiting your ability to create your own success?! Because it's time to #unleash the leader within so that you can show up powerfully, create more influence and get handsomely paid for doing work you love.

Simone Griffiths, Million Dollar Brands, Million Dollar Brander, Million Dollar Branding, Success Coach, Brand Mentor

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Grab a copy of my In-Demand Brand Blueprint where I show you how to become an In-demand Brand and get paid handsomely while doing what you love + why you owe it to yourself to do so!

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My personal branding method and mentoring services are tailored for entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches and the thoughts leaders of tomorrow who want to become more visible, establish themselves as the go to person (no matter what makes your heart sing) and attract dream clients who are ready to Invest in you.

If that's you? Then here are 2 ways we can start working together right now.

Simone Griffiths, International Brand Builder, Million Dollar Brand Builder, The Personal Brand method, Unleash You


1 & 2 Hour 1:1 Mentor sessions to help you tie down some loose ends, find clarity in your brand and really hone in on your personal brand strategy. Includes Reviews of content and abolish where you are getting stuck!

Simone Griffiths, International Brand Builder, Million Dollar Brand Builder, The Personal Brand method, Unleash You


If you’re serious about increasing your Business and Brand Presence, Being the Leader of Tomorrow, Creating your Personal Brand Powerhouse, Aligning and Stepping into who you are meant to be (and attract paying clients along the way) this is your best option

Meet Simone.

So... I know this can be that awkward part where we talk in third person... but thats not my kinda story!

My journey wasn't always easy and if I am being honest, I spent years struggling, being invisible to those who really needed me in their life. It's like I had an invisibility cloak but not by choice, it felt like, no matter what I did (and I did ALL the things), I just wasn't reaching the right people.

successful People, Simone Griffiths, Million Dollar Brander, Personal Brand Method

That was until I chose to change something and that something was within me. Because you and I both know that you can do all the things but not see different results until you finally align with you are, who you need to be to create the results you desire. For me that was evolving into the unleashed version of who I am, propelling myself and my business to new levels that I never thought I could achieve and coming from a higher level to create an even greater impact. And I want to help you to reach this too.

So fast forward a few years and though my journey is still going but so far I have been able to work with some incredible entrepreneurs and people who are quietly crushing their 6 & 7 Figure businesses as well as being the founder of some cool things like,

  • The Personal Brand Method™
  • The MDB Method™
  • BRANDED Magazine and
  • That Brand Show Podcast

Which is all dedicated to helping you bring out your unleashed version of YOU! Aligning and Empowering yourself to break through those ball-busting beliefs (that you don't even want) so that you can shatter your glass ceiling and become unstoppable too!

And I do all this and more with empowered entrepreneurs just like you through my Personal Brand Mentor Program.

Isn't it time?!

Aren't you tired of being stuck?? Tired of doing ALL THE THINGS and not seeing any results??

If you feel like a YES is ready to leap from your mouth it's time to apply to work with me either in an intimate 1:1 setting or in my Personal Brand Mastery Program.

I know it's time you said 'Buh-Bye' to creating from this place of limitation (yeah you get got it, those limiting beliefs that your operating from - even if you think you aren't) and say 'see ya later' to all the things that have been keeping you stuck, keeping you playing small, staying invisible and most importantly, keeping you undercharging (way underpaid)!!

And, you know that when you operate from this place of lack and limitations you are going to attract a type of client who will bring with them more lack and limitations and if that's where you want to be, caught up there then fine, but it's not something I wish upon anyone. That is why when we work together we look at the high level of you, who you are being and how this affects your brand because when you create the shift I take you through using my Personal Brand Method™ new opportunities, new doors and a new type of client can fast become your new norm. Operating from a place you can only dream of right now can become your reality but you must first make a powerful decision, a powerful yes to yourself that you are ready to lose the baggage that is currently keeping you stuck!

Sure you can decide to scroll over this, close the page and go back to surfing socials or whatever else you were doing but what is that really going to be costing you? What is not making a decision today going to cost you 6 months, a year or 3 years from now?


If you know it's time that you made this change, if you know that you're ready to finally create the brand and business that supports you, who you are and where you want to be then it's time to make a powerful choice, to make a powerful YES to you and the best version you know you can be.

And if that's you, then it's time we fill your cup with Aligned, Empowered and Inspired strategies and systems so that you can become a sucker punch to your market (figuratively), the leader and go to expert, doing what you love and have you getting paid, recognised as the true leader and identity you are. Say yes to investing in yourself and let's get you in-demand and above all, loving your life, living UNLEASHED!



Grab a copy of my In-Demand Brand Blueprint where I show you how to become an In-demand Brand and get paid handsomely while doing what you love + why you owe it to yourself to do so!

Simone Griffiths, Million Dollar Brands, Successful Business, Mentor, Coach, Branding, Personal Branding

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