All about me

Hello! I’m Simone Griffiths,
My whole business is set up to help you align with who you want to be, find your inspiring vision (one that nobody needs to get you up for + your audience LOVE) , a strategy that will allow you to continually take effortless action, embodying who you truly are and then repeat repeat repeat each time you want to next level!

How you ask? Using my unique Personal Brand Method which I take you through in our work together during our 4 month Personal Brand Mentor Program.

This is unlike any personal branding that you have experienced before, that is why I know you will love our work together, the growth you make both personally and professionally and the unleashed version of yourself you are becoming.

I'd love to help you with your brand and if you're ready, apply now using the link below.

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I don't like to boast, so I'll let my clients tell you what it's like working with me


Simone is not only an incredible mentor and one of the top brand experts, but she's the type of person that actually inspires you to a become a better version of yourself as well. She’s amazing!

Sal M.


I had invested $38k in my growth and business in the 12 months prior to finding Simone but after working with Simone (for a fraction of that price) things were so much clearer and my business has tripled!! I stopped going for quantity and started to deliver quality and now my results are reflective of the person I am and continue to become from working with Simone. For real results, speak to her!

Chloe J.


If you do one thing that's going to make a massive change in your biz, you just have to work with Simone. Simone helped me out when I was struggling so bad! I was the hottest of hot messes when I met her. I knew I needed to do something, I knew I needed a brand but I had no idea what that looked like or how to even start, until our first call. It was then I knew I was right where I needed to be. Simone was able to take all my fears, beliefs and procrastination and put everything into perspective so that I could actually monetise and grow my brand and my business. After I started working with Simone I started attracting a different type of clientele, I got more paying clients and I was able to confidently charge higher prices Simone will change the way you see your brand, business and how you fill the role as an Entrepreneur. I love working with Simone and Highly recommend you do this for yourself too.  

Staci C.

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