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Feeling a little invisible?

It's time we change that!

Personal Branding Mentoring

Your branding journey should be as exciting, exhilarating and unique as you are! That is why, no matter where you are in your branding journey I offer my Personal Brand Mentoring to help you step up to that next level time and time again.

Personal Brand Mentoring with me is available to you in a variety of ways to suit you best.

1- 'On-demand' availability permitting. [1 & 2 hours options available]
2- Through my Personal Brand Mentoring Program [12 week mentorship]
3- The Personal Brand Mastery Program - Currently CLOSED for applications
4- Custom Personal Brand Solutions - email for more.

I don't need to tell what having a mentor (myself or otherwise) in your life over the next 3, 6 or12 months will completely transform your business. The very fact that you are here means that you are ready for growth and I don't need to tell you that there are NO coincidences. You are here because you KNOW it's time to step it up a notch and you know at some level that my Personal Brand Method and Mentoring can help you go from where you are to that next level for your brand and business.

So, why waste another day, week, month or even a year trying to go it alone. Click the button below and let's get started!

Simone Griffiths, International Brand Builder, Million Dollar Brand Builder, The Personal Brand method, Unleash You

On-Demand Brand Mentoring

Clients are booking on-demand mentoring for two reasons,

1 - they are looking for some mentoring, not because anything is wrong but they know they are destined for more, they know they are on the cusp of serious growth and want a mentor to work with, bounce ideas and talk strategy/next steps along the way. and number

2- they are stuck at a point with their business and unsure how to move forward. And look, I get it. We all get stuck, it happens to the best of us! And, speaking from experience, having a mentor you can work through it with in an 'on demand' style pays off 10x faster then trying to grow beyond it alone (I know how that story goes too! I've been there, got the shirt and don't recommend it)

That is why I offer my on-demand mentoring.

This is a mentoring session to get you out of your head and into taking action. Together we can talk big vision, what you're working towards and the steps you need to take in order to get there, the strategies and recommendations to move forward with confidence and ease or we can navigate the ravine together and help you shift beyond what is keeping you stuck into what is going to get you results.

During our session [1 or 2 hr options] you will get my attention, my focus (and my thoughts) on your brand, on your vision, on what your next move might look like, where your stuck, how you can move through, beyond and the heck outta where you're hanging at the moment (your head).

These mentoring sessions will be recorded, you also get access to me for 5 days after via secure messaging app for any additional questions while you put what we discuss into action. Because we all KNOW the action is where the magic happens and tends to be where more questions bubble.

Not sure what I can help you with? Here are a few examples of what I've helped others with of late:

  • Trouble closing a sale - let's review where you're at and how we can get you closing [without feeling bleh about it - I'm PRO WIN:WIN]
  • Strategy not working as good as you hoped - I got you, talk me through it and we'll hash out where your hinging point is, could be your content, social, funnel , lunch strategies or something else...
  • Not connecting?? - Uhh nobody want's to stay stuck here. Let's get talking about how we can hone in on your messaging to get your brand vibing higher!
  • So you have customers now what - YES! Let's strategise your end to end customer journey and overall experience you not only deliver on but promise through your brand and what that looks like from the top down.
  • On-going strategy sessions - So you're doing ok, but have you thought about someone to keep you accountable, in the game and reaching your milestones... We all let ourselves off the hook from time to time, but that doesn't create the results you are after so a quick session to talk strategy might be just the thing you need to keep yourself taking empowered actions!

Simone Griffiths, International Brand Builder, Million Dollar Brand Builder, The Personal Brand method, Unleash You

The Personal Brand Mentoring Program

Want that lil extra oomph to get you fully unleashed in the shortest time possible right?! Well that is what I want for you too!

Owning who you are, showing up in the most powerful way yet and letting that all shower down your brand like bubbles overflowing from the champagne cup!

Because I have been where you are, (and it's not a good idea to stay there) you are the exact reason why I offer my Personal Brand Mentoring Program which is designed for Boss Women like you that want that extra oomph when it comes to powerful personal brands!

I get it, your sick or being overworked, time poor, burnt out and always hoping for more customers and more time! You KNOW you are capable of so much more but, seriously, your over the courses and the coaching that sucked up your time, your energy and your dollars.

I'm feeling you! You don't want to spend the next 3 months adding another 'thing' to your schedule [because nobody's got time for that!] and you most definitely don't want to remain in the same place [or even worse]...

During our 12 weeks together we go deep, and I mean deep, into what is keeping you from what you really want, what is holding you back and limiting you from becoming the Authority, Thought Leader and Go-To- Expert in your field and how together we can create your in-demand brand that is going to fully unleash you, see you doing what you love and getting handsomely paid for it!

This 3 month [12 week] Mentor program is based on my Unique Personal Brand Method that, as you will learn, has three core pillars that alone are great but when combined using my unique method are unlike anything that you have ever been taught or experienced with any other coach or mentor before. Using my unique methodology for Personal Branding [The Personal Brand MethodTM] you WILL create your in-demand brand and step into your unleashed self!

This program includes self paced training, worksheets, resources and all you need so you get the goods (paying clients) without the extra work load!

How does it work?

First you have to say YES to yourself


So I've tried to make this process super simple. Click here to apply, it's a quick opportunity to tell me about who you are, what you want to achieve and what your currently stuck with


I can't be everything to everyone so I do become quite selective about who I work with so if you are successful, you'll receive an email from my team where you can book in a [no pressure no brainer] call with me so we can both determine if we are a good fit, if you are the cheese to my crackers or the chi to my aren't these chi-sy but you get it, this is to really make sure we both align and that I can help you.
Did I tell you it's FREE?


After our call YOU get to decide what you do moving forward and if you know that is with me then it's time to invest and we get started on creating your unleashed version of you & your in-demand brand!

Ready to take your dreams to the next level?

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